Garrard Kitchen

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Last position: Chief Technology Officer @ Qualtrak

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developer solutions architect

I have spent the last 10+ years building a development team and helping to shape the company’s direction. Over this time I have embedded an Agile approach to delivering features across multiple products, driven CI/CD initiatives and made the space necessary for the Technical department’s Europe-wide development team to be productive, engaged and committed.

Previously working as a contractor in the Business Intelligence space, I have worked for GE Capital, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Equitas & GUS.
Following University I worked my way to a position of personal interest, known at the time as EIS (Executive information systems). This propelled me into the BI space where I took the plunge into the contracting world. Since this time, I have pursued another passion; web application development. I took a number of small appointments and opportunities to help fine tune my skills. This enabled me to offer a greater repertoire of skills and abilities to prospective employers. I have had a number of interesting roles which lead me into my most recent role of a lifetime; CTO.

During this time I have become a SME (subject matter expert) in the contact centre space, a seasoned systems integrator, a cloud solutions architect, an experienced serverless developer, a DevOps Evangelist and a technical voice and advisor for Qualtrak, working with teams around the world from all sizes of companies.

Where I see my passions and the skills to offer a company and my willingness to keep on learning and evolving

  • I can help you migrate enterprise solutions and web applications to the serverless stack (reduce maintenance and running costs) as well as help you rapidly test Hypotheses by developing & deploying new features to assess traction and revenue opportunities
  • One of my passions lies in serverless technologies. It has been for some time. It started with Azure functions a few years back then migrated towards AWS. The benefits of this approach outweighed any other approach experienced by me in my time in the industry. Some of my favourite benefits are (1) rapidness from concept to implementation, (2) cost [to you and your customers], (3) SRP [reuse; patterns], (4) isolated scaling and resilience and (5) apportioning the right amount of effort on the business logic and not the infrasture.
  • I was granted a few weeks to research ML & AI and present it to the Upper Management last year.
    ML is something that, coming from a big data background, was exciting and a place I knew where I wanted to spend most of my time. I realised that as soon as I started my research into ML, that I was hooked and wholeheartedly fascinated by it. I have started studying for the AWS Machine Learning Speciality certification.
  • I have designed solutions that take advantage of ML services (AWS Transcribe, AWS Comprehend) and have developed PoCs using serverless technology (lambda, step functions, API Gateway).
  • I have rarely had the opportunity to contribute to OSS. This, hopefully, will change. With my experience of developing products and solutions, OSS has been pivotal to their success. As soon as the opportunities arises, I will start paying that back
  • I regularly update and complete personal research on the developing world of security and serverless technologies.

I have captured most of his career timeline here in the Projects, Skills and Experience sections.

Download my resumé here


Architecture & Concepts
  • Agile
  • API Management Platforms
  • BDD
  • DDD
  • Configuration as Code
  • DevOps
  • Disaster Recovery & HA
  • DNS
  • Firewalls
  • Microservices
  • REST
  • SaaS/FaaS/PaaS/IaaS
  • Serverless
  • SOA
  • SOLID Principles
  • TDD
  • VPC
  • Webservices
  • speech analytics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • emotion detection
  • big data
Serverless Technology
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon API Gateway
  • AWS Step Functions
  • Amazon ECS Fargate
  • Amazon Aurora Serverless
  • Azure Functions
  • Serverless Framework
  • Serverless Application Model
  • Serverless Application Repository
  • Amazon Aurora - MySQL
  • Amazon ElastiCache - Redis
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon ElasticSearch
  • Azure SQL
  • CosmosDB
  • CoachBase
  • Firebird
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSql
Languages, Operating Systems, Frameworks
  • C#
  • F#
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • go
  • git
  • Windows
  • linux
  • bash
  • PowerShell
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2008-2016
  • Flask
  • Express.js
  • IIS
  • .NET Frameworks 4.6
  • .NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Razor Pages
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • React
  • Ajax
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • Silveright
IDEs, Dev Tools & Productivities Tools
  • VS 2019
  • VSCode
  • Rider
  • PyCharm
  • WebStorm
  • DataGrip
  • SSMS
  • MySQL Workbench
  • Postman
  • DotTrace
  • DotMemory
  • ANTS Performance Pro
  • ANTS Memory Profiler
  • Slack
  • Skype
  • GotoMeeting
  • Jira Clooud
  • Google Docs & Keep
  • Office 365
Testing & Load Testing
  • Postman
  • SpecFlow
  • Mocha
  • Cucumber
  • karma
  • chai
  • sinon
  • istanbul
  • zombie.js
  • JustMock
  • DotCover
  • JMeter
  • Locust
  • Artillery
  • - blazemeter
System Integration
  • Altitude
  • Amazon Connect
  • Comways
  • DataVoice
  • Dubber
  • Frequentis
  • Novo
  • Redbox
  • ServiceNow
  • Spitch
  • Telax
  • Twilio
  • Twilio Flex
  • ZenDesk
  • OAuth 2.0
  • OIDC
  • Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • MFA
  • Cognito
  • VyprVPN
  • Keybase
  • Forms Authentication
  • Windows Authentication
  • JWT
  • IWA
  • Azure AD
Observability & telemetry
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Stackify
  • Datadog
  • Epsagon
  • Azure Application Insights
  • NewRelic
  • ACM
  • ADM
  • ALB
  • AMI
  • API Gateway
  • Athena
  • Aurora
  • Backup
  • Cloud9
  • CloudFormation
  • CloudTrail
  • CloudWatch
  • CodeBuild
  • CodeCommit
  • CodeDeploy
  • CodePipeline
  • Cognito
  • Comprehend
  • Config
  • Data Pipelines
  • DynamoDB
  • EBS
  • EC2
  • ECR
  • ECS
  • ECS Fargate
  • EMR
  • EFS
  • Elastic BeanStalk
  • ElasticCache
  • ElasticSearch
  • Glue
  • Kinesis
  • Lambda
  • MarketPlace
  • Metering Service
  • Quick Start
  • RDS
  • Route53
  • S3
  • Simple AD
  • SES
  • SNS
  • SQS
  • SSM
  • Step Functions
  • Transcribe
  • VPC
  • WAF
  • Workspaces
  • X-Ray
Platform, Container & Cloud Administration


This section lists my experience from some of the projects and initiatives I have lead. The format is short, in note form and bullet points.


To protect systems and data from everything; including from ourselves

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Created a new resume site

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Corporate Website

Remove unnecessary costs due to stack dependency

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It's always never in the shape you want or need it

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The honour is mine, welcome aboard

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The evolution of a successful feature

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Automate all things that can and should be, using serverless technology

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Remove dependency of Silverlight and MSSQL

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Actionable data

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Health of the SaaS product

Ensuring a positive CX

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Architected and developed solutions to managed the billing process

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Ensure a positive CX, whatever the situation

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Retheme Product

Drive reskining of a product

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Enpower others to create Data Connectors

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Best Practice

Ensure consistency and information sharing through team(s)

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Researched logging, tracing and metric options to use with serverless technology

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Create a SaaS of web app, using serverless & container technology

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Develop web version of client/server app

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Help prepare search data for Data Connector by using bespoke application

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AWS Quick Start for Amazon Connect

Created Quick Start hosted by AWS and the Marketplace

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All things serverless, most things serverless, ok, ok, only the appropriate things

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Streamline deployment of HA app

High Availability

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With great power comes great responsibility, plus a few other benefits!

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Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment & Continuous Delivery

The proliferation of CI/CD

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Liaising with vendors to coordinate and develop integration

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Chief Technology Officer

Qualtrak Solutions

I manage a team of remote workers around Europe to develop single server, HA & cloud based solutions using a range of technologies. I lead technical projects, architecturing product systems and feature solutions and coordinating integrations with partner/SI teams around the globe. The role is varied; ranging from technical presentations to CxO to root cause analysis. I categorise myself as a CTO/developer with extensive serverless development experience. Reporting directly to the CEO.

Sept 2008 - Present


Qualtrak Solutions

I was employed originally to develop an API for a company’s client/server product. This involved employing Unit testing techniques such as TDD and documentation software and then to ship to integration partners. I was also awarded the project to design and develop an e-learning and coaching web platform, hosted on self-managed Rackspace servers. The work gave me my first experience of AWS services. I worked with partners & system integrators around the world. I was asked to work full-time.

Jan 2007 - Sept 2008


Various companies

Using C# .NET and Javascript to create APIs and Web applications

Mar 2004 - Sept 2008



I was commissioned to support and enhance solutions using ASP, ASP.NET, c#, javascript, HTML and CSS. This role also included supporting Cadbury’s with the Holos product (EIS). I was asked to work full-time.

2005 - Jan 2006

Client-side web developer Team Lead

AIM Technology

I headed up the client-side development effort of a Scorecard web-application. This was eventually bought by Aspect.

Apr 2003 - 2004

Data Architect

AIM Technology

My primary role was to consolidate data from disparate systems into a Scorecard application. My responsibilities included providing an OLAP solution, BI, data analytics, pre-sales support, product installation, support and diagnostics. I worked both onsite and offsite. Other duties included enhancing the corporate website.

Nov 2002 - Aug 2003

Technical Contractor


Computer support, process streamlining, help train department managers in best ways to collect data, check stock and compile aids for presentations and department workflow. I was also commissioned to compile a specification for a web based learning application to expedite the learning cycle for new intakes regarding site Health & Safety and the particular machines, and their components of a specific department.

Jul 2002 - Sept 2002

BI Consultant

GE Capital

To develop and maintain a BI applications using the Holos BI tool. My engagement was spread across several months.

Feb 2001 - Sept 2001

BI Consultant

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

To maintain a BI application using the Holos BI tool. Based at Canary Whalf

Nov 2000 - Sept 2000

BI Consultant


To develop and maintain a BI applications using the Holos BI tool. Responsibilities included working closely with accounting department to translate requirements into features, assessment of work, development, support and maintenance.

Jan 2000 - Nov 2000

BI Consultant


I was brought in to develop and maintain a suite of BI applications using the Holos BI tool. My responsibilities included development, support, training, planning, managing a team of BI developers, assess / deliver on requirements, interface with other teams and to project management.

Mar 1998 - Dec 1999


Crystal Decisions UK

BI Support Engineer then BI Consultant.

1996 - 1998


Lintel Software

Informix DBA and developer.

1996 Mar - 1996 Oct



Develop and maintain in house applications on a Unix platform using Recital language.

1994 - 1996


AWS Certification

Solutions Architect
Associate Level

AWS Certification

Associate Level

Shogun World - Southport

1st Dan
Black Belt

Liverpool Business School

Bachelor of Science (Hons)
Business Information Systems
1990 - 1994

North East Wales Institute

National Diploma in Computer Science
Computer Information Systems
1988 - 1990

Connah's Quay High School

Including Computer Science, Mathematics, Visual Design, Physics, Design Engineering


This section contains articles form my old blogging site. Not all have been ported so will look sparse

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