Streamline deployment of HA app

  • The Coach product started as an on-prem application, installed behind the firewall on a single server.

    A partner made a request for the product [Coach] to be made highly available. Initially the product was hosted via an active/passive configuration. This was superseded by a load balanced active/active configuration through the application of Akka.NET throughout all components. This enabled an application cluster that could load balance the demands across all components. Based on specific feedback, I later re-architected the messaging driven solution and replaced Akka.NET with NATS.

  • I have previous experience of NATS with projects/research I have accomplished with Docker [Windows] and felt confident that this work could be completed in a limited timeframe. This previous research included both the use of C# and F#.

  • The HA solution for Coach is permanently on in a HA configuration on AWS (RDS, Redis, EC2 [windows], ALB, ACM, Route53).

  • Development work is conducted via AWS Workspaces [Windows] as and when required.

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