• An important part of a SaaS application, especially one that requires integrations to provide any measure of benefit, is onboarding.

    For me, the advantages are simple.

  • Generally, CX needs to be smooth [quick and useful]. It is also important to know at what stage a trialer is at. This can then be aided by a digital campaign with support.

  • With most onboarding models requiring a starting point outside of our product, e.g. vendor, it is even more important that the trialer does not experience any pain during this process; even if they do experience a problem [e.g. outage].

    I set about designing an onboarding process and experience and presented it to the POs (product owners), emphasising the importance of how the initial experience of a new product to a user will determine their engagement, desirability for the product and their colleagues. The onboarding process is designed to be 100% serverless. I also designed enhancements to the product to provide user advice, based on role, as to where they were, during the stages of the product and advice on what they ought to do next, supported by an email campaign.

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