About me

This is a picture of me on my honeymoon, Maldives, back in 2008. This feels like a lifetime ago!

Photo - Honeymoon

aws cert

My current role is Chief Technology Officer for a company called Qualtrak Solutions Ltd.  I have been in the role since 2008. We are based in the UK. The HQ is in Watford. All employees are distributed workers. I am based in Southport (Nr Liverpool). At Qualtrak we provide Agent Evaluation, Coaching and E-Learning solutions for predominately the contact centre market.  We have partners all around the world. I love all things technological. I am an early adopter of technologies. I spend most days working in the Cloud. We use both Azure and AWS. We are a AWS Technology Partner and I am AWS Certified.

I am married to Louise, originally from Southport. We have 2 sons. A few of my favourite pass times include exercising, reading and ju-jitsu (dan grade). I have been known to hit the occasional golf ball too.


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